Be STEAMspired

Don’t let school get in the way of your education! *

Join us at Acera’s STEAM Learning Lab! You can now browse all offerings — April vacation, after school and our summer program — on our main website:

There will be no lectures, no boring busywork, no worksheets. That’s a promise.

There will, however, be challenges — in design, engineering, the sciences, the arts. Even politics! There will be pipettes and saws and soldering irons and yes, power tools. There will be pulleys and levers (created by you, likely) and sewable electronics (also created by you.) There will be debates, and you may be asked to represent a country at the UN.

And there will be questions. Lots and lots of questions.

How does a microwave work? What about circuits? How do you grow bacteria? And why? How do you construct a robot? How do drones fly? Can we make our own hot air balloons and make them fly? Can we make a helicopter out of popsicle sticks? (Absolutely, on both counts!)

Can you make light-up jewelry powered by solar cells? How about a Fibonacci sculpture? Can I make a dance floor that plays music when I tap it? (Sure, we can help you with those.) Can we melt metal and make new things out of it? (Yes, that’d work, too.) Can we… — well, let’s find out together!

The Acera STEAM Learning Lab is a place where children unleash their curiosity, follow their passion and invent their future. It is a place where students engage in projects with all their senses, working with their hands while working things out in their minds. It’s a place where learning is concrete, contextual, and meaningful.

Or, as one student said during our 2016 summer program: “So, I can learn how to build a raft not from a book, but by doing it?” Yes, you can, and not just because that’s more fun — early prototyping is an important part of the engineering design process, and early failure helps us get to better solutions to the problems we have set out to solve.

You can browse all our offerings on this website. Enjoy, and we hope to see you at Acera this year!


 *We are not quite sure if Mark Twain said it first, or maybe it was the novelist Grant Allen. But we are very sure that this quote, and the wit with which it was produced, and the ambiguity around its origin, represent our approach well. There’s always more than one answer to a question or a problem!

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