Lego Robotics: Creativity meets Engineering (9+)

Can you take an existing robot, and slow it down? Can you make a humanoid robot that inhales and exhales? How about getting a robot and a computer to collaborate to calculate Pi? In this class, students build and work with LEGO and other robots to make the complex systems that sit inside many automated processes visible and understandable. Each week, they start with a different extant robot, machine, code or other system or project idea, and break it down into simpler parts. They’ll also share their work in a variety of narrative forms, learning concepts in robotics, computer sciences and other STEM disciplines as they explore and reflect. Students will work with LEGO EV3 kits, LEGO NXT, Computers and Raspberry Pi-s. If your child has MacBook of any kind, please have them bring it. Note: Students will NOT be able to take home the robots they make. Students CAN bring their own LEGO kit to build with and take home (just let us know this when you register.) Instructor: David Alsdorf, TUFTS Center for Engineering Education and Outreach teacher, researcher, curriculum developer and artist.

2016-07-27 10.49.00

LARP Adventure Program (10+)

Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the world? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins, and deadly dragons? Find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Now you can in an interactive world of live-action roleplay (LARP). In a one-of-a-kind experience, you will explore community, art and self-discovery by becoming your own personal hero at the Zelmore Heroes Academy!  You will learn a hero’s values, perspectives, and discipline as you adventure through the fantastic world of Etheraz from a new and unexplored area in the story’s world.Through themed games, art projects, and interactive theater, we will create a world of wonder, go on fantastic adventures, and discover magical mysteries. Led by LARP Adventure Program

Games, Arts & Discovery

Are you eager to explore our nature-based adventure playground, and engage both your body and your mind as you create theaters and forts, tie new platforms into the trees or make a new swing using ropes and branches? Do you like to take all the blocks and board game pieces and other supplies you can find in your house and turn them into an airport, a city, a land no one has ever seen before?  This program is all about free, creative play, outdoors and indoors. Based on the group and their interests, student will play games, build and create, supported and guided in their quests and explorations by our afternoon staff. (This program also serves as a drop-in option.) Instructor: Acera afternoon staff.  

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