Classes & Camps

The Acera STEAM Learning Lab offers a unique variety of creativity-based afternoon, vacation and summer programs for children ages 5 to 15.

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Here is what some students and parents have told us about why they like Acera’s programs:

“We walked around to get bacteria. We’ll try to mutate them! I like the science lab because we get to run our own experiments and find the results on our own.” — Sarah (13)

“I like to use my hands and my mind. At Acera, I can move around and build while I work stuff out in my mind.” — Jonas (10)

“Acera is a truly spectacular facility. They provide a hands on experience that has been largely lost in modern day educational systems. For example, the children do not just learn the advanced science and math behind engineering, they apply this knowledge in a fully equipped workshop with the gamut of materials, including wood and metal and professional grade tools. They learn to create safely and they truly understand the often missed connection between what works on paper and what works in real life. These skills empower and thrill them as children and will allow them to thrive in adulthood. There is a strong emphasis on celebrating the independence and diversity of each child, which allows their confidence and creativity to flourish. The environment is nurturing, fun, productive, and community oriented. My son said the summer camp was “perfect for (him)” and he always wanted to get in early to help the teachers set up and to get a jump start on his projects. This initiative and leadership was fostered by the Acera teachers and has been pivotal in my son’s growth. My daughter asked to go to extra after-school enrichment classes because she loves the subjects and the teachers, and she feels comfortable expressing herself with the students. She is particularly proud and excited about a mural she and her classmates painted on the outside of the school building.  There are programs here that would be very hard to find anywhere else and the caliber of the teachers is phenomenal. I can not say enough positive things about Acera.” — Rachel Klopfer, mom of Maya (11) and Owen (13)